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    Recently, three-day 10th CHINA-ANPING International Wire Mesh Exhibition was held in Anping county, Hebei. Four hundreds of foreign buyers gathered at ”Capital Of Wire Mesh”, who are from forty countries and regions such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and etc..

    In the exhibition, released 27 projects at a total project investment of 7.68 billion yuan, the opening day of signing 6 projects, total investment of 1.233 billion yuan, 18.689 million U.S. dollars of contracted foreign capital, domestic investment 254 million yuan. During the meeting, achieve the intention to sales of 580 items, with sales of 650 million.

    It is understood that wire mesh is the characteristics of Anping industry as traditional industries, start from the Ming Dynasty Hongzhi AD 1488, has been 500 years of history. Currently, Anping has become the largest production-export base and distribution center for the world's of wire mesh products. Anping wire mesh industry has developed to 8 series, more than 400 species, 6,000 kinds of specifications, the establishment of direct sales in foreign countries offices more than 20, employing 150 thousands people, 500 million square meters of netting, production and sales volume and export volume accounts for 80% or more of China.

    Anping County has been named as "China's capital of wire mesh", "China wire mesh industry base", "Chinese wire mesh production and sales base." In 2009, Anping wire mesh industry realized a sales income of 13.0 billion, in the first half of this year, the county's exports totaled 1.8 billion yuan, an increase of 55.82%, higher than the same period last year 99.42 percent.

    By Ms. Joy Zhong 2010-10-12
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