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wire netting products

Plain weave plastic wire mesh Material : polyethylene, polypropylene
Procreative technics:it processed by heat sprinkle and then cold the plastic
Characteristics: abrade-resisting ,erosion-resisting and good toughness
Colour :black ,white,blue,green,yellow,red

Usage:1.breed aquatics,it can be used as animal fencing or river banks
2.it can be used as filter reinforced wire netting both in petroleum and chemical fields
3.it also can be used as line mesh of the spring mattress and the car backrest
4.in the project To reinforce the bottom of the reservoir

If we lay this kind of wire mesh on the slope of the road ,it can prevent the stone slide down then keep danger away from person and vehicles.we can also use it to wrap the dregs,it can stop the dregs flow away and keep the road bed in good condition ,then enhance the stability of the roadbed . paving this kind of wire mesh on the road can strength the surface of the road and protect the road from the development of the reflected crevice.we use the plain weave plastic wire mesh to make gabin wire mesh .it is widely used in dyke and the protect of the rock surface .it can keep the water and soil flow away ,provent the water erode the rock and the dyke .

Contact Person: Lin Zhuang

Email: luck@wirenetting.cn ; luck@metalnetting.com 
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