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Plastic safty purse netting

Plastic safty purse netting is made from high density polyethylene(HDPE).we should use high technics to draw the wire first .then weave the wire in specific way. After weaved ,we add rope and tether on the side of the netting .
There are also burning-resist components in the plastic safty purse netting .it can avoid occuring unexpected fire .

Usage :1.to protect the workers who works on the top of the building ,to prevent person or stone droping on the earth directly . to keep the field clean.

Note :customers should choose the plastic safty purse netting carefully .it is not allowed to use erect purse netting instead of flat purse netting.

Contact Person: Lin Zhuang

Email: luck@wirenetting.cn ; luck@metalnetting.com 
MSN: luck@wirenetting.cn

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