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wire netting products

Rare metal wire netting includes: Nickel wire netting, titanium wire netting, tungsten wire netting, etc.

Nickel wire netting includes: pure Nickel wire netting, Nickel chrome alloy wire netting, Nickel copper alloy wire netting, etc.

Nickel wire netting: 20mesh--200mesh . Nickel wire: 0.07mm--5.0mm
Nickel chrome alloy wire netting: 20mesh--200mesh, Nickel chrome alloy wire: 0.05mm--5.0mm
Nickel copper alloy wire netting,: 20mesh--200mesh, Nickel copper alloy wire: 0.05mm--5.0mm

Titanium wire netting: 60mesh--3 inches, Titanium wire: 0.12mm--2.5mm
Tungsten wire netting: 1mesh--60mesh, tungsten wire: 0.12mm--2.0mm
Molybdenum wire netting: 1mesh--60mesh, molybdenum wire: 0.12mm--2.0mm

If you have any special enquiry, please kindly send us sample.

Contact Person: Lin Zhuang

Email: luck@wirenetting.cn ; luck@metalnetting.com 
MSN: luck@wirenetting.cn

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