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    Road palisade fence is widely used at road side, in prison, garden and other places. The main feature of it is to protect people from danger. However, there’s 40% cyclists in Xi’an ignore it and ride in the motor vehicle road.

    The old saying, their duties and prevails, on the road in different vehicles only in accordance with the designated lane, be possible to create a civilization orderly traffic environment, but in real life, it is found that the road often chaotic mess. Since the beginning of summer, you can see road palisade fence between non-motorized vehicles and the traffic lane. The Road palisade fence is to protect the safety of cyclists we also regulate the traffic in order. However, in the road, the reporter has seen such a strange phenomenon.

    Nearly 40% of cyclists ignore the non-motorized vehicles, at each distance, in this non-motor vehicle lane, has a distinct identity, as well as guide rails, but why those people who cut in and reverse it turn a blind eye.

    There’s a little detail made reporter angry, in order to avoid delivery of the vehicle in front stops, when the non-motorized vehicles come here, will open up a path on the sidewalk for the non-motor vehicle, but was confused breaking barriers opened, put the vehicle directly in front of the bus stops into the introduction of risk.
At present, Xi'an for non-motorized vehicles cut, retrograde behavior is also no clear penalties, whether the penalty is not punishment, or is there a better way.

    Reporter reminds that the using of road palisade fence is to protect people, especially cyclists, if you ignore it you will at risk.

    By Ms. Joy Zhong 2010-10-26

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