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Step 1 Mark the corner and end post locations for your welded wire fence with spray paint or wooden stakes. Dig a 2- to 3-foot deep hole at the first corner post site with a clamshell post-hole digger. Insert the bottom of one of your wooden posts into the post hole. Check with a level to ensure that the post stands straight in the hole then tamp the loose dirt around the base of the post with a tamping rod. Repeat this process for each corner and end post in your welded wire fence.


Step 2 Run a taut marking string between the corner and end posts to mark the line of your welded wire fence. Sink steel T-posts into the ground along the outside edge of the marking string for line posts. Use a handheld post driver to drive the line posts 12 to 16 inches into the ground. Position the line posts 8 feet apart for maximum fence strength.


Step 3 Unroll the tube of welded wire on the ground along the inside of your fence line. Position the beginning end of the welded wire against the side of the first corner post. Make sure the bottom edge of the welded wire is about 1 inch above the ground before you secure the end of the length of fence to the first corner post. Use a 1 ½-inch galvanized fence staple every 6 inches along the height of the fencing material.


Step 4 Stand the welded wire fence upright and have a helper pull it taut. Secure the fencing to each steel T-post using wrap-around wire T-post clasps and a pair of pliers. Start with the nearest T-post and work your way down the first straight stretch of fence. When you come to the next corner post, attach the fencing with galvanized staples. Repeat this process with each straight stretch of fence.



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