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Chain link fence is one of the main products of Diamond Company. We manufacture Hot-dip galvanized and PVC coated Diamond Brand Chain link fence, round post, gate, razor wire, and fittings.

Wire Gauge of Chain link fence: 9,11,11.5, 12,12.5

Hole Size of Chain link fence:  2’’ x 2’’, 2 1/4’’ x 2 1/4’’, 2 1/2’’ x 2 1/2’’,

Finish: Zinc Coating, ASTM Class 1, ASTM Class 3, (Galvanized before PVC coated)

Selvedge: Knuckle-Knuckle



Color (PVC coated): Black,Brown,Green White,Woodland Green,Steel Grey

Length Roll: 25’, 50’

Roll Type: 1.Compact

2.Non Compact

3.Quick Release Roll

Contraction of Diamond Chain link fence:

We use the advanced machines to make the roll diameter of Chain link fence into the smallest one, in order to save transportation costs by saving volume.

Packing: wrap up the two edges of the crimpped rolls with the plastic weaving bags.

Accessories: We offer post, brace rail, tension bar, brace band, tension band and etc..

Experience in Chain link fence:

1.Diamond wire netting & finished products company has more than 10 years experience in Chain link fence.

2.Diamond wire netting has been exporting Chain link fence. to many countries.

3.We have Chain link fence R&D department.

4.Passed ISO 9001:2000.

5.Mass production capacity

6.Competitive price

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