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Plastic wire mesh is also called nylon wire netting, polythene wire netting, insect screen and high-density polyethylene wire netting. It can be divided into two types: plain weave plastic wire netting and interweave plastic wire netting.

The plain woven plastic wire netting, with single longitude and woof wire, its wire is thick. The gridding is regular and natural. It is the substitution of fiberglass window screen.

The Mesh size is 14, 16, 18,20,22,24, etc. And the wire diameter is from 0.18mm to 0.40mm, the breadth is from 50cm to 280cm.

The interweaving plastic wire netting, with single woof wire and dual longitude wire, the woof one twist to the interweave wire netting. As to the thin wire and less material, the price is low. The aperture is 14 and 16 mesh, wire diameter is from 0.13mm to 0.21mm, and the breadth is from 50cm to 150cm.

Mesh size
Plastic wire netting
12x12 4’x100 1.7KG interweave
14x14 4’x100 1.72KG/2KG interweave
16x16 4’x100 2KG Plain weave
18x18 4’x100 1.8/3KG Plain weave
20X20 3’x100 2kg Plain weave
22x22 4’x100 2KG Plain weave
30x30 4’x100 1.8KG/2KG Plain weave

Function: insect-proofing, prevent stealing, mechanic protection, decoration and so on

Performance: anti-rust, strong tenacity, good ventilation, easy to clean and light weight

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