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wire netting finished products
punch of aluminum water filters

We can produce all types punch of aluminum water filters, the aluminium water filtration form galvanized wire mesh into various shapes Stamping, in order to satisfy with all Casting products need.

The aluminum water filters to reduce waste and impurities in the scrap rate,Writhing of liquid
Metal after aluminum water filters become smooth, uniformity and liquid metal made steady flow of the metal mold filling better,Overflow bubble on the one hand, on the other hand reduce the erosion of sand types mold, and reduce product scrap rates.

Effective place in the liquid metal in non-metallic inclusions, improving casting microstructure and mechanics performance, producing a high-quality standard of precision castings, lower castings wasters rate, reduce processing Casting cutting Tool Wear and tear, economic and social benefits increased in evidence.

All kinds of found filtration netting pictures as follows

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